Slides 2011



  1. Ewa Orlowska
    Discrete representation and duality in theories of approximate reasoning

  1. Antonio Di Nola

            Finite valued MV-algebras: generalities and dualities

  1. Thierry Denoeux
    Theory of belief functions: introduction, recent advances and connections with rough set theory

  1. Piero Pagliani,

            The polymorphic logic of Rough Set Systems

  1. Tong-Jun Li,

            General Attribute Reduction of Formal Contexts

  1. A. Elkin, A. Sostak

            On some categories of approximate systems generated by L-relations

  1. Z. Csajbók, T. Mihálydeák

            On the General Set Theoretical Framework of Set Approximation

  1. T. Mihálydeák, Z. Csajbó

            Partial logic to investigate the logical behavior of different systems of approximations of sets

  1. Gianpiero Cattaneo
    Brouwer-Zadeh (BZ) structures in the logic-algebraic approach to rough set theory

  1. S. Greco, B. Matarazzo, R. Slowinski

            Pawlak-Brouwer-Zadeh Lattices

  1. S. Trabelsi, Z. Elouedi, P. Lingras

            Belief Classification Approach based on Dynamic Core for Web Mining database

  1. C. Cornelis, J. Medina-Moreno, N. Verbiest

            Multi-Adjoint Fuzzy Rough Set

  1. M. Chakraborty

            Generalized Rough Set: its Algebra and Logic

  1. M. Joshi, P. Lingras, C. Raghavendra Rao

            Fuzzy Rough Correlation Factor

  1. J. Jarvinen, P. Pagliani, S. Radeleczki

            Atomic information completeness in rough set systems

  1. Wei-Zhi Wu, You-Hong Xu

            On Some Topological Structures of Rough Sets in the Fuzzy Environment